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sac à dos coque MATT - PAF
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Backpack with postformed hull to shock camera, computer, etc. Very light, super solid, made for PRO by Dimatex. Design Patrouille de France
102,00 €
sac casque pilote FURTIF - PAF
reappro Aout - DIMATEX Furtive model, Patrouille de France design, perfect for beach bag, picnic, sport ...
96,00 €
sac à dos opérationnel BRACO
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Bag production by PRO Dimatex, many storage, very practical. Design Patrouille de France
202,80 €
Combinaison Kid Patrouille de France
Pilot coverall child of the Patrouille de France, many pockets patches gum Patrol of France and 'Future Pilot'. Sizes: 5 years to 12 years
66,00 €
parapluie - PAF
Umbrella anti-flipping mechanism, large size, elegant decoration Patrouille de France
28,80 €
JFK sac paquetage pilote - PAF
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DIMATEX Pilot package suitcase JFK model, Patrouille de France design
108,00 €